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Ginetta G15


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Silverstone Classic Lap around track with Rob and Andrew Smith

Silverstone Classic each club to have a couple of parade laps around the F1 trac...

17 minutes : 23 seconds
davrian wachauring part1

Davrian Super Saloon Davrian Mk 5 Ginetta G 15 Maquire Imp

43 seconds

Silverstone Classic 2012 parade lap on a yellow Ginetta G15

15 minutes : 0 seconds
76 Ginetta at Prescott

Footage of Car 76 Ginetta runs up prescott hill

30 seconds
SFXT: Ranked Matches |

Follow me: 0:00 SimSimIV (Dhalsim x JACK-X) vs. GorySnake (Bob x Jin...

61 minutes : 4 seconds
SFXT: Ranked Matches |

Follow me: 0:00 tsuki0706 (Chun-Li x Ryu) vs. yu5ririn (JACK-X x Cod...

47 minutes : 2 seconds
(11-04-2011) SSF4 AE Nico Live ginetta_g15 - PS3 Team Battle Part 2 of 2

Missed the first match for recording. But it was Bison vs Ibuki and Ibuki won (h...

19 minutes : 34 seconds

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