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G20 road car with parking brake problem

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2012-04-19 19:45:08

Dear Ginetta owners.

I just bought a 2002 G20 with miata power plant.

It is a really fun car.

For the 1st time in my car life I have had two women walk up and ask for a ride.......

Ok one was a little overweight and the other was 16 but hey it happened.....

All these years and it finally happened in a G20.......

Anyway the right rear brake caliper is rubbing on the disk.

I assume it's the parking brake cable is too tight.

Before I just start taking things apart I thought I might ask the experts.

Best Regards


2002 Ginetta G20

2008 Locost R! powered 7

1974 TVR 2500 M

1965 Marcos Mini GT project

1986 TVR V8 powered 280i convert

2014-08-11 17:00:50

quattroguy83: You should be able to reach the adjuster via the rear drivers side wheel arch, if the handbrake feels tight then that's it, if not the spring is corroded on the caliper or the caliper needs a good clean, failing that euro car parts have 50% off calipers at the moment, they should be same as 1.8/2.0 sierra 1988, I just replaced mine