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2012-04-19 19:45:08 G20 road car with parking brake problem

Dear Ginetta owners.

I just bought a 2002 G20 with miata power plant.

It is a really fun car.

For the 1st time in my car life I have had two women walk up and ask for a ride.......

Ok one was a little overweight and the other was 16 but hey it happened.....

All these years and it finally happened in a G20.......

Anyway the right rear brake caliper is rubbing on the disk.

I assume it's the parking brake cable is too tight.

Before I just start taking things apart I thought I might ask the experts.

Best Regards


2002 Ginetta G20

2008 Locost R! powered 7

1974 TVR 2500 M

1965 Marcos Mini GT project

1986 TVR V8 powered 280i convert

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